Best Boogie Board Fins And Flippers?

Best Boogie Board Fins And Flippers?

So you are just getting into boogie boarding (really its called bodyboarding) or you've been doing it for a little bit and wondering what are the best boogie boarding fins around for you to rip on. I like it, time to step your game up, possibly even bring it to an A game level, and start shredding the gnar. Well, I am the grand Puba OG so you are listening to the best there is.

So whats the difference between all these boogie boarding flippers any-who? A lot, so listen up. The proper wording would be "bodyboarding fins" and if you start calling them by the proper names you will immediately bring your game up to a B+ level.

Refuse to do that and stick by the old "fins for boogie boarding" or "boogie board fins" then you will stay at a kook-fart level.


A bit more on your wording, here are some common phrases people will use I and have corrected it with the right phrase on the right of it.

Kook-Fart Level

A-Game Level

Boogie board flippers

Bodyboard fins

Boogie board surfing


How to boogie board

How to bodyboard

Surf boogie board


Bodyboard flippers

Bodyboard fins

Best Boogie Boarding Flippers

Ok enough of that, on to the best fins to bodyboard with. There are a few things to look at when selecting a pair of fins.


is big so that the design works will with your surfing, maneuverability and on the water.


some fins just come off as more stylish than others and it makes you look better just wearing some of these fins.


the longer and stuffer the fin blade the more powerful it will be, the down side is that some of the more powerful fins can be uncomfortable, its best to get a medium all-around fin.

What are the best boogie board fins and flippers?

Don't wear these, kook fart.

How To Bodyboard

If you are also interested in how to bodyboard, anything from the basics like how to paddle, duck-dive and catch a wave to intermediate tricks like spins, rolls, ARS to really advanced moves like how to backflip and invert then I have some underground stealth archives for you.