Amaury Lavernhe MOZ Fins Review

Amaury Lavernhe MOZ Fins

The 2010 IBA Bodyboard world Champion now has his own pro signature Churchill fins called MOZ.

He is originally from Reunion Island (owned by France), home of the ridiculously good waves and way to many sharks in the water but now risides in the Canary Islands.

He continues to be a fierce and feared competitor in the IBA World Bodyboard Tour as well as traveling the globe freesurfing. Amaurys riding style is very smooth and flawless. His seemingly flawless maneuvering is very functional the the wave, including his tight and snappy airs.

Amaury Lavernhe MOZ Fins

He has been wearing and sponsored by Churchill fins for years now but has released this fin of his just in the past few years.

These fins come with all the original Churchill trimmings in addition to orange cord fin tethers. They are also available in grey/orange.