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Churchill fins are a champion brand in the swim fins market. If you are looking for accessories for bodyboarding or bodysurf fins, Churchill Makapuu fins are perfect for your next aquatic adventure. These fins are excellent for beginners but are also worn by professional swimmers from around the world.

Ultimate Swim Fin Comparison Guide

Swim FinPower Comfort Styles PointsFunctional Left/Right Foot FitFeatures
MediumMediumHighHighIndividual The original, perfectly balanced,
swim fin w/ excellent functionality
Medium-LowMediumHighHighIndividual A mild version of the original Makapuu for
the beginner to intermediate
Medium-HighMediumHighHighIndividual Jeff Hubbard signature model. 10%
stronger blade, comes with cushioned
heel and foot pocket for added
comfort and fin saver ties
HighLowMedium HighIdenticalThe Original Viper, strong and powerful
yet rigid and unforgiving on feet.
Includes 5 inch blade, pad inserts
in foot pocket for comfort
HighMediumMediumHighIdenticalNew and improved Viper fin that uses new rubber that is softer of feet
Medium MediumHighHighIndividual Great alternative to Churchills.
Excellent variety of shape versions
and colors.
MediumMedium-LowMedium-LowMediumIndividual A very high tech fin, they have
experimented with non-traditional
Some like them, some don't.
MediumMediumMedium-HighMedium-HighIndividual Recent similar design of churchill
with bat-tail like fin and improved
drain system


What makes them world-class?

Churchill Fins are the perfect balance between comfort and power. They deliver measureless power and acceleration without loosing comfort. The foot pocket is shaped for comfort and the blade does not strain your feet. Usually, there a trade off with fins with comfort versus power. However, the fins do a superb job of accomplishing satisfaction and agility.

Churchill swim fins were invented by Owen Churchill seventy-six years ago and have been acquired by Wham-O. Currently, Wham-O also manufactures Slasher fins.  Wham-O’s industry competitor rival is Viper Fins.

They are functional and stylish — perfect for bodyboarding. These fins work well to maneuver and feel great when performing tricks. This is due to the fins’ original dolphin-inspired shape, well shaped foot pocket, and flexible material. In addition, the bottom of the soft foot pocket is accompanied by a sand and water drain.



They are made out of 100% natural gum rubber. This is the best material to use for swim fins because it provides a firm but gentle fit and are environmentally friendly. There is a noticeable difference in rubber characteristics and quality, especially because of Malaysian rubber. You can check out details about this topic here.


What Do the Pro’s Think?

Top bodyboard professionals wear the brand including Jeff Hubbard and Mitch Rawlins, both credited with having the best style in the industry. World champions also include Andre Botha, Damian King and Amaury Lavernhe.




Churchill Makapuu Fins

These are the original fins and still regarded as one of the best! The design includes a dolphin tail arc and comfortable foot pocket. This model comes in a blue/yellow and black/yellow mashup. Click the link for more information on (Churchill Makapuu Fins).               



Jeff Hubbard   

The Jeff Hubbard fin is unique as he is! The blade is 10% stiffer, has a padded foot pocket and heels. These fins feature a sleek all black design, including Black fin tethers. Click the link for more information on his signature fins (Jeff Hubbard).




Churchill Slasher Fins

Churchill Slasher FinsSlashers are as cool as they sound! They have evolved from the original Makapuu fin design. They are a rounder, more pod looking shape. They are made specifically for beginner and intermediate individuals. If you are looking for a well rounded, slightly different feel, these fins are perfect for you. For full details view (Churchill Slasher Fins).




Amaury Lavernhe 

Amaury Lavernhe

Swim in style like a champion! World-renowned Amaury Lavernhe has now launched his signature fins MOZ fins. For all the details view (Amaury Lavernhe).